Group overview

C-SHINE initially decided to start Pest Management Business, foreseeing less competition, with consensus over immediate return of investment and speedy growing opportunities, therefore, the team decided to enter this market. Another reason was an excellence and good homework as one of the partners were specialized and had plenty of experience in credit within country as well as across the border in the field of Pest Management, Agriculture and Process Management.

Yes, It’s Irfan Fiaz Ali Akbir (Chief Executive Officer)

Another partner, Ms. Durdana Khanam (Director Technical) a Chemical Engineer by profession who had a lot of research & development work in his credit. Already developed number of products during his research work at university with a practical on hand process experience of number of years at multinational & local level setup.

Before launching their business to market, what they lack was the one who gives company a vision and ready to sit on driving seat. This gap was soon filled by Mr. Zaffarullah Rajpoot (Co-Founder) joined this team and took over the responsibility as driving force on steering wheel with an experience of over 13 years in Management in Multinational & Local companies, having small to large scale assignments / projects in his credit. (May Allah Rest him Peace)

Then there was someone who was the engine of this newly invented car without whom this car was in complete, the forth partner Mr. Muhammad Anwar (Managing Director & Director Finance). The one who provides stability & remain responsible for the smooth start at time when everything was foggy. So, the team was completed and they became one force; with what they had common was one goal, their Vision their consistent approach, faith on God and preservative thinking.

5th Partner in C-Shine is Ms. Saima Gondal (Director Marketing & Sales), a lady who was determined to conquer the world with her all strength. She did prove it in few years & got a handsome offer of partnership in C-Shine. Now she became integral part of this group as she made us more stronger by adding an amazing value in the form of new sales and marketing techniques and strategies.

Usually companies reach to their Vision & Mission policies quite after they were settled and well known, but this young group had build their vision quite well before they started working practically. They make commitment for safer world through adopting Safety Policies for their workforce as well as for clients and environment. The trail they were force to follow was to give priority to their business and profit, and society comes next but C-SHINE acts reverse and instead of following the trail, choose to build their own way and instead of prospering business under banner of corporate responsibility act wisely and make society and country their priority. Being service oriented company, C-SHINE contributed more for client management through Client Management Cell, frequent & time to time business visits even if that cost them from their own pockets, 24 hours helpline for effective pest management implementation at client end, Client Service through making SOP’s & WI’s for their workforce. Providing Manuals to Client for detail look at what & how C-SHINE is carrying out the activities at Plant and keep an eye on C-SHINE performance. In other words, Instead of taking steering wheel in their own hands C-SHINE gave their steering wheel to their client’s.

This young, newly born C-SHINE inexperienced team then started searching for their first break and thus luckily world biggest FMCG provided them the break and then the journey started, one after another and within a year they got world best known FMCG’s, EPC leaders, Textile giants, Power Generation Sector and Pharmaceuticals in their client list. C-SHINE is now known for their quality and state of the art services as per latest Quality Standards in Food, Human Resources & Chemicals.

C-SHINE top tier was making it’s dying efforts to introduce true Integrated form of Pest Management in Pakistan i.e. Biological and anti-chemical pest management strategies but unfortunately that idea remains unpopular due to it’s expensive management & implementation.

C-SHINE Chemical Division, working day and night, developed number of products like, SPLASH, C-SHINER as Bottle Washer additive to get Ultra Hygienically Clean & Shine bottles used in FMCG especially Beverage & Pharmaceutical concerns.

C-SHINE is totally financed through it’s own projects rather than loans, overdrafts and other financial services from banks, Investors or family backed support.

Being a partner this was the truth that summer of 2006, C- SHINE was a dream, but it’s important to know the fact that winter of 2007 witnessed the true reality of our growth that is only possible due to our client’s satisfaction. Until our clients are satisfied, we prosper and to make our client prosper, we leave no stone unturned, in defusing our responsibilities.

Alhmdulilah C-SHINE is Pakistan’s leading Service & products Providing Company, providing IPM Services, Manufacturing Food Grade Lubricants & representing more than 10 Multinational as Ecclusive Sole Distributors in Pakistan, under one umbrella that is our core vision and for what we definitely require your support and confidence on us.

Thank you.

Vision- *Our vision is to excel in Community Development providing state of the art services to our customers and devoted workforce for continuously delivering and rewarding excellence. Our success is directly linked to the breadth and depth of the skills, experience and dedication of our employees’ committed for our customers

Our mission

Our vision is to excel in Community Development providing state of the art services to our customers and devoted workforce for continuously delivering and rewarding excellence. Our success is directly linked to the breadth and depth of the skills, experience and dedication of our employees’ committed for our customers.

Our Values

We are culturally diverse company, united by shared values Safe, Ethical, Innovative, Creative, Enthusiastic, Risky, Adventurous, Cost Conscious, Responsive to Customers & focus relentlessly on delivering results..

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